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Welcome. You have reached Planets of the Apes. This is the website that explores the worlds of Planet of the Apes, from the original incarnation in the novel by Pierre Boulle, through the various re-interpretations that have followed.  

Since its inception, Planet of the Apes has grown to become more than just a novel, a film franchise, a TV series, a cartoon animation, a comic book franchise, a musical (courtesy of The Simpsons). It is in fact a modern day fable and a cultural icon that continues to captivate and intrigue generations. 

As with all fables, Planet of the Apes conveys a message; a portent of the fate that awaits humanity if we don't stop treating each other like animals. It was conceived at a time of great awakening and against a backdrop of turbulent events that were shaking the world. 

Like all good fables, the beauty and charm of Planet of the Apes lies in its simplicity. There are the stark warnings it presents and the passionate appeals it makes to the intellect and the senses: for compassion, understanding and respect - against greed, arrogance and intolerance.

In the words of actor Roddy McDowall from the 1998 documentary Behind the Planet of the Apes

"Ape and man, ancestors and brothers, their fates hopelessly intertwined. One holds the secret of the past, the other the key to the future but, which is which? Planet of the Apes holds up a mirror and asks us simply to look at ourselves, at our fears and prejudices, at our hopes and dreams."

On this website we will examine some of these themes, in their various expositions and juxtapositions. At the same time this website is a work in progress so expect more content to follow as we endeavour to plug the gaps. 

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